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16 Week Running Plan | Week 1 -8

Hotshot Fitness Running Plan Week 1 – 8
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 2mi REST 2mi Hike (L1) 2mi REST REST
Week 2 2mi Hike (L1) 3mi REST 2mi REST REST
Week 3 2mi Hike (L1) 3mi Hike (L1) 3mi Long Hike (L1) 4mi REST
Week 4 3mi Hike (L1) 2mi Hike (L2) 3mi REST REST
Week 5 4mi Hike (L1) 3mi Hike (L2) 3mi Long Hike (L1) 5mi REST
Week 6 4mi Hike (L1) Intervals Hike (L2) REST Long Slow Distance REST
Week 7 4mi Hike (L2) 4mi Hike (L2) Intervals Long Hike (L1) 5mi REST
Week 8 3mi Hike (L2) Hill Workout Hike (L3) REST Long Slow Distance REST

4 thoughts on “16 Week Running Plan | Week 1 -8”

  1. Would someone please explain to me what “Hike (L1-3)” means please, and also how fast should I be running each mile?

    1. Hi Conner – We use L1, L2, and L3 to denote different weight levels. We talk more about it here on our hiking guide – . But in short:

      All hikes are classified into three levels:

      Level 1: Line Gear Only = ~25lb pack weight. (L1)

      Level 2: Chainsaw + Line Gear = ~45lb pack weight. (L2)

      Level 3: Piss Pump + Line Gear = ~60lb pack weight. (L3)

      You can vary the length and time of your hikes, but shoot for at least 45 minutes, minimum. Most hotshot training hikes last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours, so be prepared.

      As far as your mile times, honestly that’s going to be up to you and your level of fitness. What’s important is that your mile times are dropping over the weeks. However, when you’re doing an LSD run (Long Slow Distance), you’re going to run a slower pace as compared to a 3 or 4 miler. Each time you go out, try to shave something off your last time. It doesn’t have to be dramatic – 10 seconds off your previous mile time is solid progress! Hope that helps. Good luck!

  2. On your Saturday workouts, it shows long hike and 4mi and 5mi. Does this mean go for a long hike and a run same day or do you mean hike 4 or 5 miles?

    1. Good question. Just to clarify – you will not be doing both a run and a hike on the same day. Our recommendation is that you should go for a long hike of either 4 or 5 miles depending on the week you’re in. Make sense?
      Thanks for question and hope you’re enjoying the program!

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