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Body Fuel

Our motto, “Always Be Training” extends beyond physical training. It is a credo for how you live your life. If your goal is peak performance, that requires discipline in all that you do. The fuel that you select to power your body can either propel you to new heights, or it can keep you grounded on the launch pad. The conscious act of choosing to eat well is one of the hardest habits to create and maintain. It is hard because eating garbage is easier. There’s no drive up window for a $1 veggie & hummus meal. Eating well requires forethought, planning, and resolve.

But you can do it. And we want to help you do it.

So below, we have provided a sample daily diet. It’s the framework that we have used for years.

A Few Points:

First, think of this as a guide, and not scripture. Eating the same thing, every day, will get old. Plus, it doesn’t square with the realities of life. You will go out to breakfast with friends and eat pancakes and bacon. You will drink too many beers on a random Tuesday. You will go out to dinner and gorge yourself on a BBQ Cheeseburger with onion rings and a chocolate shake.

That’s ok. That’s life. We often have to make do with the food we have available to us in the moment. Eating MREs isn’t ideal, but when you’re on the line…it’s all you got. What is important is to seize the moments when you do have the choice and to make optimal decisions.

Second, this diet relies heavily on fruits, nuts and vegetables. A lot of people don’t particularly like that. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around that. Our advice: try harder or invest in a Magic Bullet NutriBullet and go big with smoothies.

Third, your total caloric intake will be around 2,968 calories, which is just under the 3,000 calories suggested for an active male, age 19-30, according a report on Estimated Energy Requirements (EER) from the Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference Intakes Macronutrients. (Source: WebMD).





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