Strength and Conditioning Programs for Wildland Firefighters

16 Week Running Plan | Week 9 – 16

Hotshot Fitness Running Plan Week 9 – 16
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 9 2mi Hike (L2) 5mi Hike (L2) 3mi All Day Hike REST
Week 10 Hill workout Hike (L2) 3mi Hike (L2) 4mi Long Slow Distance REST
Week 11 4mi Hike (L3) Intervals Hike (L2) 4mi All Day Hike REST
Week 12 Intervals Hike (L1) 5mi Hike (L1) 4mi Long Slow Distance REST
Week 13 Hill workout Hike (L2) 4mi Hike (L3) REST 2mi FAST REST
Week 14 5mi Hike (L2) 4mi Hike (L2) 4mi Long Slow Distance REST
Week 15 4mi Hike (L3) Intervals Hike (L2) 5mi All Day Hike REST
Week 16 Hill workout Hike (L2) 5mi Hike (L1) 2mi FAST Long Slow Distance REST

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