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25 Jul

Hi Everyone,

Anyone who has visited this site regularly over the years can attest to the fact that it was in dire need of an update. So this weekend, I have committed to overhauling the site.

The biggest change will be upgrading the site from a static site, cobbled together in Adobe’s Dreamweaver to a WordPress site. This is something many would go to someone like Expedition Co. for, but I want to handle it myself. At the risk of geeking out, moving the site to a content management system as WordPress should dramatically improve the efficiency by which I can update the site, and also improve your user experience as you navigate it. If you’re confused about that, this post explains some more details on the matter.

For anyone running a website, they know that developing on it has got to be ongoing otherwise it is going to be run into the ground as users find it harder and harder to navigate. So here I am getting it done to make sure it does work better for you all. Contacting a web development company is a good step to take for those who seriously do need the extra help (let’s be honest), however, there have been ongoing issues in daily living that means stuff has been pushed to the side with web design, but knowing how a web development agency has worked during lockdown is important to know for future reference, in case it happens again and we are all left scratching our heads on how to update our websites.

Caveat – Please bear with me as I drag HF from the land of outdated, 2007-era web technology into the world of Web 3.0 or whatever we’re calling the present state of web development. I’m a novice and run this site in my free time. It’s been a learning curve of looking at how domain names, hosting and website building works – take this article here as an example.

While my goal is to always provide an amazing experience to my visitors, over the next 96 hours, there might be some bugs and down times, and I ask that you please be understanding of that.

Thanks again for your continued support and I am excited by the changes we’re making. I hope you are too!