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Captain Brian Hughes, Arrowhead Hotshots, Killed on the Ferguson Fire

July 31, 2018 / Uncategorized


The motto of the Arrowhead Hotshots is “fortitudine vincimus,” which translates roughly as “through endurance we conquer.” As the hotshot community deals with another tragic loss, those words should guide us as we grieve this tragedy. While we here at Hotshot Fitness did not personally know Brian, to read of his life, and of his character, makes us wish we had had the chance to get to know him. As Brian’s colleagues have shared, he was funny, and energetic, and a pillar upon which the crew counted on for support. He was an archetypal hotshot captain, a man who led from the front of the line. Over these next few days, and months, our thoughts will be with the Arrowhead hotshots, and with Brian’s family and friends. May they be granted the strength to endure this time, and in doing so, may they someday conquer those feelings of anger and sorrow that burn so powerfully right now. Fortitudine Vincimus


“He will be missed. He will always be remembered.”

~ Joe Suarez, Supt. Arrowhead Hotshots

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