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Find a Hotshot Crew

Find the hotshot crew closest to you


15 thoughts on “Find a Hotshot Crew”

    1. Hi William –

      There are no hotshot crews in West Virginia. The two closest crews would be:

      Asheville Hotshots, Asheville, NC
      Augusta Hotshots, Augusta Springs, VA

      Good luck!


  1. My name is Edward Sugrue I left a comment a couple weeks ago about finding a career that will challenge me. If y’all could contact me.

  2. Hello My Name is Jairo L

    I am looking for a career that i can make a different in this world i am willing to help and do whatever it will take what to do to get into hotshot crew i a wanted to join the military while back it wasn’t successful i try but i believe it wasn’t for me but my heart is talking to me that i need a job that i can do something to help people life. Short story of myself i am From Brooklyn NY i currently live at Carrollton TX ZIP CODE 75010 i am willing to do the distance and follow the guidelines i currently working Three jobs that i am not really looking at myself i want do for my rest of my life but willing to have job that i can save life and the environment and seeing myself for a career

    If you can contact me it will start a life time

  3. Is there any crews in Texas? A crew that deploys to areas? I am a full time Firefighter in Texas and am interested in the Wildland part as well

  4. My name is Brandon this would be my first year doing this and training starts june 23 for 6 days. And looking forward to it .. Any advice or how to get on a crew after that

  5. Would any one have any basic info about the Cherokee IHC out of Unocoi, Tennessee? I want to know when there seasonal hire dates are. Are they a training crew? I also saw on their mission statement that they work a split season from Feb-April and July-October. Has anyone had any experience working on a crew that has a split season like that?
    Also, what have you all heard about Flathead IHC out of Hungry Horse, Montana.
    Thanks in advance!

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